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And We Show You How To Remove Any Unhealthy Obstacles That Prevent You To Live Healthy, Wealthy, Happy

You May Have Struggled…

and can’t trust and believe that healing and true health is possible for you.

and tried out anything that the medical and natural worlds have to offer ONLY to find yourself still in pain and unhappiness.


there is a “Real Power” that truly unlocks your abilities to heal while returning to complete Oneness

that you can connect with that “Real Power” which fills you up and makes you feel light, easy, relaxed, full of joy, beauty, happiness…simply full of LOVE.

True Health, Power, Freedom,
…And A Sound Mind















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What People Says

"I was first put in touch with Simone through mutual friends. At the time, although I had some experience of personal qigong practice, I knew nothing of medical qigong. The day of my first appointment I had a lot of difficulty finding my way and arrived very late, flustered and in a bad mood. I really didn’t know what to expect at all but I was interested in giving medical qigong a try. By the end of the first session, after Simone had gone over the basic protocol routine, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that my energy had settled and I no longer felt out of sorts."

− Alex Aris from Portland, OR

"I had a number of health issues that I have worked hard to resolve before I started working with Simone. She has the gift to heal and I am so happy to have Simone in my life"

− Rebecca Khan, Vancouver, WA

" It is wonderful to experience a practice which makes you feel in control and healthy, no matter what your age. Thank you so much Simone!"

− Mary N, Portland, OR

"Working with Simone is the epitome of holistic; physical, mental and emotional healing that is measurable and maintainable. I am deeply grateful for having the honor of learning from her, and know that anyone who chooses to meet with her will feel the same."

− Jennifer Broussard, Portland, OR

"I highly recommend this work and, in particular, the skill of Simone Shipp, to anyone experiencing pain, anxiety or a constant discomfort from the state of dis-ease before it is allowed to become a true debilitating disease in one’s life"

− Francesca E. Blom-Cooper, Portland, OR

"I won't share the details of my personal experience, but I will say that I felt a lot of qi movement and replenishment, and left feeling much more inner peace and awareness of my surroundings, body, and self."

− Jen Taylor, Portland, OR

Herbal Program

Health and healing must start with YOU, not your body. But we found tremendous help adding herbs. Dr. Morse’s Herbal Formulas are specialized in synergistic blends of powerful organic herbs for tissue detoxification and regeneration of the body cells. They are tissue specific; made to deeply cleanse and rebuild.



It’s the ONLY soft tissue analysis that reflects weaknesses and strengths from your internal organs, glands and systems. It also shows congestion and chemical accumulations. To rejuvenate and restore the body it is necessary to turn to pure, whole and natural nutrients in the form of herbs


Home Study Program

A set of proven methods and movements which had an effective healing success rate of 95% and helped over 200,000 people to improve and heal from any disease. You can learn the complete practice from the convenient settings of your home.


True Health Freedom Program

Get well – Get it done. Once and for all! So you can live a quality life full of fun, joy and happiness fulfilling any dream that wants to come through you. If you have tried everything to get well and are very frustrated not getting the health results you will find peace by attending our group oriented program…finally.


Ready For Your Health Freedom?

But Don’t Know Where To Start?


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Blog Simone’s Detox Experiment Day 6

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Blog Simone’s Detox Experiement Day 3-4

Demonstration of a Self-Healing Experiment after eyes puffed up so that Simone was not more to identify. In a short amount of time Simone demonstrates the power of Self Healing and shows clear results.

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Blog Simone’s Detox Day 2 Afternoon

In this Blog Post you’ll learn: 1) What natural remedies, methods and ideas helped to bring the swelling down? 2) What is the Golden Key to heal the body systemically? 3) What is the simplest and easiest step everyone can start their regeneration journey today? 4) Some basic understanding about our body’s energy and chemistry and how they influence each other…

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Day 2 of Simone’s Fast

In this video your hear the complete story behind the scene…Why did I decide to take a fasting period within my detox program. This little video clip reveals how did my face looked before and after the swelling occured what did bring success what did I struggled with what physical issues revealed itself and how I decided to go about Enjoy it!    

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Welcome !

This blog series is intended for all Health Freedom Lovers who wish to take health in their own hands but don’t know where to start or what to do first. You are right here, if you are looking for a guidance and a direction to finally make your dreams come true.

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